Our Services

Career Guidance

With our very experienced Global Counselling Team, we give unmatched career counselling sessions/services to our clients.

We offer career assessment tests, career guidance and counselling for the newly qualified professional, new school leaver or newly graduated; guidance on industry specific skills currently on-demand based on region of choice, emerging new careers in various highly sort after countries of the world, alternative career options for those with challenges in their existing career who wish to switch to a new career; career advice for the mid-career professional who want to climb higher in his/career ladder, career options for the working class who want to add more qualifications to his career portfolio, etc.

We pride ourselves in our noble duties in helping to shape the career path of emerging leaders and work closely with our university and college partners to ensure we achieve our vision of making study abroad reachable with ease and help shape the career path of many emerging leaders both locally and globally.

PTE, IELTS and GMAT classes and test preparation

We prepare students towards taking the British Counsel Accredited IELTS Academic and PTE tests through our rigorous 3 week intensive one to ones; 6 weeks Intermediate or 4 weeks Regular IELTS and PTE classes. This is why we are confident to give our all acclaimed pass first time Guarantee.

With the help of our seasoned, dedicated and experienced tutors, we know that our students will achieve excellent grades. You can also always guarantee a more personal and effective learning experience with the smaller class size or if you prefer a one to one learning environment with a tutor, you can opt for the 3 weeks intensive class.

University/College Placement

We provide Universities/Colleges placement services to students and professionals alike who wish to further their education abroad. With our carefully selected network of universities and colleges sourced from key countries that are among top travel destinations for higher education, we deliver a speedy and professional service, achieving admission turn-around/processing time of less than 48 hours in major countries (while during our numerous education fairs, we can guarantee on-spot admissions if all credentials are presented). Perhaps, this is one of our strongest bases of competitive advantage: Efficiency.

When this is merged with Effectiveness: Delivering informed guidance and counselling services about trending/sort after careers and industries in the desired study destinations of our clients and proven strategies to penetrate the industry; we become fit for purpose. No marvel why we archive more than 95% referrals and revisits from our over satisfied client base.

Visa Guidance

This is what we do. This is who we are. Our well seasoned and experienced professional counsellors are our pillars. With a robust experience in student visa application processes and structures of all countries we deal with, it is why we have a proven track record of consecutively successful visa applications of our students to various countries. At the head of this department is our immigration lawyer who is OIC registered based with our London team. Our counsellors undergo rigorous training even when recruited with industry experience and we also have very regular trainings of all our counsellors because we want to keep very much up to date with all new legislations and new visa guidance of the countries we deal with.

Pre-departure Guidance

After student has successfully secured visa, we also provide (free of charge) specifics of what is required of students by our university partners and immigration authority of student’s country of destination. We cover documents needed for registration of classes, library, school canteen, I.D card, student online portal; local transport, opening a new bank account and any other requirements students must meet within the first 3 weeks of arriving at the country.

We also understand that travelling to a foreign country for the first time can be very challenging and daunting. That is why we are here for you. We do not release our students without first giving them a good compass and map to navigate their way in their career voyage. We do this by providing a free, comprehensive country orientation about life in that country from food, to transport links, to socio-cultural lifestyle, to unique manners peculiar to the country.  We release our students with the satisfaction that they are well equipped with what to expect when they arrive in their dream study destination. This has reduced the impact of culture shock many students face studying abroad for the first time and helped them able to quickly assimilate and associate with the new culture.

Accommodation Booking Service

Securing a good and appropriate accommodation is not a usually easy task for new students especially when they have to pre book the place prior to arrival. In fact, some countries’ immigration authorities have added proof of accommodation as part of their requirement to secure a student visa. Our task is to make sure our students do not have to worry about this huddle by ensuring our partner Institutions pre-book student’s accommodation before arrival. In an event where there are no on-campus accommodation owned by the University/College, we work in partnership with several housing agencies close to our partner institutions. We take note about safety, proximity to campus location, competitive prices and excellent hygiene practices in the choices of accommodation for our students.

Airport pick-up Support Services

We arrange for airport pick up for our students working closely with our partner institutions. We understand how overwhelming it may be when you arrive in a foreign airport for the first time alone with no one familiar to talk to. With the help of our university/college friendly airport transportation team, you have one of them to pick you at the airport and we ensure you are in safe hands and have someone to talk to or ask any questions we didn’t cover in our pre-arrival orientation with you. In an event where our partner institutions do not provide such service, we have it covered by working with a good number of registered and known transport agencies closest to the University/College. At the airport, you will be sure you have a taxi company you trust who is known by both us and our partner institutions to pick you up and take you comfortably to your accommodation after a long flight.

Part time work Guidance

Finding a part time work position for most countries that allow for up to 20 hours per week to work, is not always easy, especially when you are new to the town and do not yet have an indigenous qualification or working experience that will place you in a higher competitive advantage to secure the job. We are here to help by providing you with guidance and assistance to secure a part time work whilst taking into mind the location of the work place to ensure it is easily commutable between your school campus and your accommodation. We also try to give work options that add value to your career portfolio because of their relevance to your field.

Post Study work options

Most sort after international study destinations allow post study work for up to one year after successful graduation. Our task is to ensure we give you positive guidance to help you secure a RELEVANT working experience which will in turn be very useful in your future career journey. From joint partnership with organisers of job fairs to one to one consultation, our goal is achieving excellence in service delivery. Either for those who will return back to their home country after successful completion of their programme and working for one year in their country of study or for those who will like to move to another country not their home country or yet for those who would like to secure a work visa to remain in their country of study, it remains the underlining principle to use your one year post study work placement visa (given by major international study destination countries after successful completion of selected programmes) wisely. Here, our expertise and career counselling will be of immense benefit.